on Tuesday, november 5th, is the day it will be in the Casino of Ostend, the Flandrien of 2019 is issued. The title of The Publication and for the best rider of last season, it was won last year by Yves Lampaert and then one day in the hands of Thomas De Gendt, Victor Campenaerts, Wout van Aert, Remco Evenepoel, or I had. In The Course of the us.: speed-date Flandrien’, we review each of the nominees in a brief, but powerful, speed-date. In a podcast. Nominated by Wout Van Aert says during his rehabilitation on sleep as well as nth-patattenzak the role of Snollebollekes during the warm-up and the difficult-to-overcome obstacles, as you live your life with a pigmentstoornis in your hair.

find out in the podcasts, of Course, is from us.

It is not just a slogan, it is the motto of The Newspaper. The Course, which is all of us. In the text, but also audio. This is the reason why in The Newspaper you have in addition to the newspaper and website throughout the season, with a series of wielerpodcasts it. ‘Podcast’ Tour, we’ve been back, however, with the issuance of the Flandrien 2019 at the latest, on the 5th of november, the next podcast is on all the time. In a ‘speed-date Flandrien ” is going to be our man, Lars, Godeau, on a visit to the five nominees for the award for the best rider of the year, and submit them to a brief, but powerful, speed-date. Seriously, as it should be, with a twist, if it can be done. Enjoy it on a day to day event in the week leading up to the presentation of the award. Those who have the taste, he has to tackle in the fall to continue to hang on to ‘Podcast ‘ Cross’. On the same channel, but in a different form.

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The Price is: speed date Flandrien. Here you can listen to all the episodes so far.

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