The victory series of high-Flyer Ryoyu Kobayashi is over, the departure from Predazzo has to compete with the Japanese without a single record in ski jumping history. After the last six world Cup Victories in a row, the 22-year-old Japanese man was on Sunday only Seventh and missed the best brand of seven world Cup Victories. “Kobayashi opened the door, but Dawid Kubacki is more than upright gone through,” said national coach Werner Schuster on the duration of the winner, after a week-long perfection on the world Cup ski jump of 2013, for the first time again weaknesses – and promptly was defeated.

The victory of Poland Kubacki (of 129.5 and 131.5 meters) jumped as Kobayashi, the DSV-eagle to the Podium. A Surprise David Siegel, delivered its first Top-10 result, and as the best DSV-eagle in the Trentino was the Fifth managed.

“Unbelievable, unbelievable. I never would have guessed. In the season can come, what want, I’ve reached the goal first. Cool. I’m completely wet with sweat,“ said the happy beam end seal directly in the ZDF. Seal ended up also ahead of his teammate Markus Eisenbichler (6.) and Kobayashi, the back fell, especially in the second passage. The Austrians Stefan Kraft and Kamil Stoch of Poland completed the podium, both of them were represented on Saturday at Kobayashi victory strong in the tip.

Wellinger and Friday search for your shape

the image of the completely mixed German ski jumping team showed in Predazzo even more impressive. The last year’s performance winner Richard Friday (16.) and Andreas Wellinger (26.) are currently far from Top rankings and the best service, the movers Stephan Leyhe (18.) and Karl Geiger (19.) were this time far behind their possibilities. Leyhe had occupied the day before rank four.

“We have already established Potential. Markus has operated damage control,“ Schuster said about iron Bichler, could not start on Saturday due to a disqualification, and on Sunday with a good second pass, a proper placement. “Better be good than no-good. I was annoyed to death, that I must lie in bed. It was a forced break,“ said Eisenbichler, after he was excluded due to a too large suit from the first individual on Saturday.

While Wellinger (“tough”), and Friday (“small steps”) of its current development complain, is the former team captain Severin Freund in the meantime, in the Continental Cup active and trying to improve his Form. “In him, we must emphasise how he goes at once to the second division. This is no walk in the honey. Bayern Munich, in the Regionalliga: This is not so easy,“ noted Schuster.