The struggle for the new reason continues to be expensive. At the Meeting of the German Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz (SPD), with its countries, there was, as expected, still no agreement on a model or even a bill. After the coalition had argued the parties recently publicly about the procedure in the new regulation, violently, was a detailed agreement at the beginning of this week as extremely unlikely. You want to now on 1. February in the circular of the Minister of Finance together again.

Manfred Schäfers

economic correspondent in Berlin.

F. A. Z.

“All feel the pressure of time,” said the Rhineland-Palatinate Finance Minister Doris Ahnen (SPD) following the meeting of the F. A. Z., The SPD politician spoke of a “great willingness to compromise.” Nevertheless, according to your words, continue to the different positions. Now you try to answer at the level of the head of Department specific questions. So for example: How to see it with the red tape? How can we ensure comparable evaluations? So they wanted to identify concrete points to see how you could integrate this into what model.

Scholz had made at the end of last year formally, two models will be discussed: firstly, a value which is independent, based on the areas of land and building; secondly, a value-dependent, in which the standard land value and the rent shall be net taken into account. He himself is in favour of the second approach. His Party colleague, is ancestral also for a value-dependent approach, such as the Rhineland-Palatinate Minister of Finance after the Meeting, which lasted well into the evening, pointed out.

period until the end of this year

The Federal constitutional court, the policy has set a deadline of the end of this year, the basic tax law to re-anchor. The highest judge had rejected the law because it is based on market values, but the so-called unit have been adjusted to values never. They build on values from the year 1935 in the East and from the year 1964 in the West. The revenue from the basic tax of around 14 billion Euro by the municipalities. Scholz wants to protect with his concept of tenants in affordable housing. The CDU and CSU opposed the action last categorically. They keep his concept is too complicated and unfair. Of the SPD parliamentary group Vice-Achim Post urged the Union prior to the recent negotiations, their opposition to the proposals of Scholz. He called the submission of the Minister is a good Basis for further debate, which should lead to speedy results. The basic tax as a source of revenue for the municipalities is important, as you should be crushed in the dispute.