The movements of share prices are one of the mysteries of humanity. They are usually the result of individual decisions and the smaller the change, the less likely it is that you can with a single cause to explain.

Martin Hock

editor in the economy.

F. A. Z.

Major changes, however, usually have a clear reason. To find this, in today’s information society is usually not difficult, but it is not always possible. This is also true on Thursday for the stock of the embattled fashion group Gerry Weber. Since the middle of December had not moved of course. On the contrary, the share price was on Thursday morning, almost at the same level as five weeks ago.

However, around noon, he crashed suddenly: With a drop of almost 15 percent, it fell for the first time under the mark of 2 Euro to an all-time low – without that there would be anything current by the company.

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well, the recent news were again good: Gerry Weber had been corrected, the provisional Figures for the past fiscal year. The first 148,1 million Euro operating loss amounted to 192,3 million Euro. Responsible for the situation in the case of hallhuber, the Gerry Weber 2014, in addition to value adjustments on the subsidiaries in Norway and Finland. But this was now ten days ago.

On the weekend, then, was the agreement with the trade unions. Retained earnings supplements are paid, most of the employees will be working soon, two hours per week less, and it will be up in 2021, no special payments. But that was a few days.

summarization of news

What should start on Thursday, however, the negotiations for reconciliation of interests and social plan. It involves the removal of 900 jobs. However, these negotiations are expected to run until the end of the month, just before Gerry Weber intends to present a financing concept.

What happened in the past few days, a certain compression of the messages. So about ten days ago, was lowering the price target by the analysts of Baader Bank was reported to 1.60 euros in English-language sources only this week. In addition, a significant increase in short sales in the American market, it was reported.

If this is the price movement declared on Thursday, but not sure. The fact is, however, that the Situation of Gerry Weber is serious, and that in the coming days, preliminary decisions about the future of the group queue.