Important papers: how long should you keep your insurance documents?


When the files accumulate, it is common to want to sort through your papers in order to find order and serenity. Faced with the accumulation of administrative papers and contracts, it is therefore difficult not to be tempted to get rid of documents dating back several years. However, you must be careful before selecting the papers that you can get rid of and those that are essential to keep during your storage.

In all cases, each contractual document issued retains legal value. The period during which you must keep it is therefore linked to the prescriptions already established. It is, in fact, advisable to keep your documents for the period of time when legal action can still be taken against you. When the limitation period has definitely expired, you can, at this time, part with your insurance papers.

In this context, the official website of the French administration indicates that the retention periods correspond to a defined time during which you can exercise your rights or be liable for something. Whether for a request for reimbursement or the payment of a fine, these documents are necessary as evidence that can be brought before the courts. These deadlines may be extended or suspended in certain cases, in particular when a minor reaches majority.

For each insurance document, a specific deadline is associated with saving it in your archives. For example, receipts, insurance premiums, notices of expiry or proof of payment must be kept for 2 years. The same applies to termination letters and notices of receipt. In the case of a home and automobile insurance contract, the retention period is also 2 years, from the expiry of the contract taken out. Thus, it is essential to keep your insurance contract for its entire duration, then two years after its termination.

Regarding your documents relating to bodily injury or a claim, all your expert reports must be recorded for 10 years after the end of the compensation. Your life insurance and death insurance contracts have the same expiry date of 10 years after their expiry, an essential period for asserting your rights. Directly linked to the car and home insurance documents, the invoices for the purchase and repair of your car, as well as your home, must be kept for the duration of your contract. Do not forget, moreover, to archive your automobile tickets, which also have a limitation period of two years.