Zürcher Schauspielhaus – the flows of visitors, in spite of LockdownDas theatre by Nicolas Stemann and Benjamin von Blomberg has discovered during the crisis, its Strengths and makes plans for the uncertain times in Spite of.Alexandra Kedves0 comment Benjamin von Blomberg (left) and Nicolas Stemann, the Intendantenduo of the Schauspielhaus Zurich, are looking forward to the Post-Corona period. Photo: Gina Folly

90’000 visitors saw the Schauspielhaus Zürich in Lockdown. Only the first Episode of the series “Corona-passion play”, written, directed and composed by Co-Director Nicolas Stemann, lured 11’000 spectators to the virtual Playhouse, the so-called home house game. For comparison: Per season of around 150’000 visitors come on average. It has made from the crisis, including the success story: everybody could easily watch from the Sofa at home from free.

“We’ll see if we can develop meaningful digital payment formats for the time after the Corona,” said Co-chief Benjamin von Blomberg in the 7-minute conversation that he and two journalists (one of them led to the end of the world) on Wednesday in the stage to the rear. Anyway, we were far away from the other, the arranged elsewhere in the peacocks and other small groups, at the speed Dating Event attended: the second schedule of the conference, the artistic Director Stemann and von Blomberg, and at the same time, the first physical event in the peacocks since the Lockdown.

The journalists met so rotating the two Directors and a part of the house Directors. And in the Survival Kit that was provided, were not just the hot needle knitted game plan visions – nothing is currently 100% fix, but also a protective mask, disinfectant, and even a bag of essblüten seeds.

In the garden, namely, the Playhouse Crew during the Lockdown in the Atrium of the shipbuilding industry has to grow and flourish, will this unusual first season of the Intendantenduos soon to end: with Nicolas Stemanns “Corona-passion play” as a physically erlebbarem Live”remote concert” velvet spectators.

The one or the other limit will be also in the 7 world premieres and 19 productions that are planned for the season 2020/21. So Leonie Böhm, one of the eight in-house Director of interior shrinks, your “Medea”-adaptation to two people (Premiere on 19. September), Christoph Marthaler is linked, in turn, where he was on 13. March had stopped. The General rehearsal for the premiere of “The cry (The Feel)” was the last action in the peacocks prior to the closing of the house. Now the work in the opening joins a round dance in autumn (20.9.).

“”The crying” is located in a pharmacy!”: Stemann pointed out on Wednesday only to surprising Parallels to the pandemic situation, opening up in various pieces, for example, in “My year of rest and relaxation” in the direction of the in-house Director Yana Ross (Premiere on 22. October), or in “Just the end of the world”, staged by Director Christopher Rüping (Premiere on 3. December). But he also explained how the risk concept with eight home-directed forces have proven themselves in the crisis as lasting: as free spaces created in order to cope in the short term, Digital, and the flexibility granted to move Planned in the coming season. “We have almost everything that can save,” says the master of the house.

Not tough

Stemann himself returning to the Christmas tales: An overwritten, satirical “king of frogs” to the peacock stage for quack, including Corona heresies (Premiere on 14. November). In Dürrenmatt-2021 Stemann then reads “the visit of The old lady”; but whether his next Elfriede-Jelinek-world premiere yet to come in the second season or the third, was still open.

As ever, some question marks remain. In the case of a strict implementation of distance regulations, the peacocks would be utilized to its maximum to 20% per performance: financially problematic. On the other hand, the theatre-makers to take their responsibility with regard to the health of your seriously. You have various scenarios in store, highlights Benjamin von Blomberg. The openness of the city in the first season was extremely been exhilarating – much better than some expected, and we remain enthusiastic turn, was rooted in the city.

the Playhouse for the young under the Aegis of Suna Gürler maintained – as well as the binding to the “Related Artists” Christoph Marthaler, Milo Rau and Christiane Jatahy.


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