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The evolution of the pandemic for the next six months and the scope of the response put in place by the European Commission through the new Recovery Fund, will determine whether Spain ends up requesting funds for the European Stability Mechanism (Esm) popularly known as the bailout fund, that so much prominence had during the crisis of 2018 -with his intervention in countries such as Greece, Ireland or Portugal and the Spanish financial system – and that, after years forgotten, the coronavirus has been put back from today. So what has been recognized today by the president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, who has appeared in a press conference with the Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte , who had traveled previously to Portugal to strengthen alliances in the face to the summit of the European Union (EU) this month to discuss the Background Recovery .

“What makes no sense is to create tools and then we vergüeza use them,” said Sanchez.

“I Hope we are not forced to use it because it will mean that we have managed to control the pandemic. But it’s going to depend on how it evolves the pandemic for the next six months,” he insisted. The Esm offers loans that countries have to repay , the opposite of what we are proposing with the Recovery Fund, which would, of reaching an agreement, direct transfers.

The meeting has been marked by an interview given by the president to the Italian daily “Il Corriere della Sera” in the Sanchez has suggested that the position of Spain is not to decrease the dimension of the Recovery Fund and that the resources get “in a hurry and during a long span of time to make structural economic recovery” to the crisis. This agreement, “can and should” reach in July: “we Cannot wait any longer, the citizens do not understand and also the economic actors. We have lived through a pandemic is unprecedented, we must give a joint response, and equally unprecedented,” he says.

in Addition, Sanchez has been asked about the possible election of the vice president Nadia Calviño as the president of the Eurogroup, and on their impact on the negotiation on this Recovery Fund. According to Sanchez, “there is no equation in which they are mixed” the two negotiations. Giuseppe Conte has also taken the opportunity to express their support of the candidacy of Calviño and have been assured that it is “a candidacy that is very solid that might accrue to the benefit of all” and not “for the fact that it is a woman, that’s just an added value”, he said,

Previously, Sanchez had eluded to detail with how many votes favorable account of the vice-president, and has said he would prefer to “work behind the scenes” but it has been pointed out that for the moment has the support of progressive governments and the European people’s Party, “demonstrating that brings together qualities that are recognized by colleagues who do not have to be of the family social-democrat”. Although it had highlighted the fact that “every time there are more women in posts of responsibility” in Europe, which offers “a different perspective that seems important to me”.