Unlike certain worldly personalities, the one nicknamed the Princess of Clermont-Tonnerre, was far from being part of the clichés of the aristocracy. Close to people, as her relatives said, Hermine de Clermont-Tonnerre “certainly would not have liked us to stick to a cliché of a light and showbiz woman concerning her. Above all, she was a creative and extraordinary mother. “, explained his confidante, as reported by Gala.

The two friends recounted their “50-year-old women’s lives, sexy, courageous and rock’n roll like two 16-year-old kids”. Rock’n roll, the 54-year-old princess undoubtedly was. Mother of two children named Calixte and Allegra, she did not hesitate to put on her leather to go for a ride on a motorcycle. It is also because of this passion for cars that she will lose her life.

The one who participated in six editions of the Rallye des Princesses was the victim of a serious motorcycle accident on June 1, 2020. An accident which occurred while she was driving a motorcycle mounted in English, with the brakes and accelerator reversed. She then hit a tree before falling into a coma. “I heard the news. A very serious motorcycle accident. Vital prognosis engaged”, declared Jean-Luc Layahe in the show L’instant de Luxe and added: “I hope she will go away She’s a girl I adore, a faithful friend, very joyful, an extraordinary character. She is a mother and for this reason too I hope she will get out of it.

Unfortunately, Hermine Clermont-Tonnerre died of her injuries on July 3, 2020 at the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital. After her funeral, which took place in the Saint-Pierre church in Montmartre, she was buried in the family vault in the Montparnasse cemetery.