Sadie Robertson claims she is battling fear ‘constantly,’ in the midst of postpartum struggles


After a series of birth complications, the ‘Duck Dynasty alum experienced anxiety.

Sadie Robertson opens up about her struggles since giving birth.

24-year-old Honey was born to a new mother. She revealed earlier this month that complications during her birth could have caused injuries for Honey’s baby, but thankfully no one was injured.

She has now shared her postpartum struggles in the latest episode “WHOA that’s Good” podcast.

Alumna of ” Duck Dynasty”, she admitted that her baby’s arrival was not easy. However, thanks to the assistance of medical staff and pain medication she felt a sense “false confidence” which faded when she returned home.

“I was in more pain that I’ve ever experienced, honestly,” she said. She said it for real, per “Entertainment Tonight.” “… “… I couldn’t stop crying.” “I couldn’t stop crying.”

She revealed that the “really, really terrible” pain continued for over a month. She was also struggling with mental health issues.

Robertson said that he is constantly fighting fear in his life. “… After having a baby, there were so many emotions that I could not fight fear as I usually do. All of a sudden, I felt anxious. It was so bad that I didn’t realize it was increasing in severity.

She will never forget the terrifying birth experience she had.

“My mind kept wandering into the ‘What if’ scenario. What if she made it through one more minute? What if neither of us made it? What if I lose too much blood? What if they pushed on my stomach and caused internal bleeding? What if she had brain damage because the oxygen was cut too long? She shared all of these “what-ifs”.

Robertson was then left to wonder if Honey and she were OK, and if they really made it through this ordeal unscathed.

These thoughts led the young author to “such a toxic mind spiral” that caused extreme anxiety.

The star said that her thoughts throughout the day made her feel jittery and anxious, making it difficult to breathe.

“I didn’t because I was happy to be her mother. It was so joyous. The miracles were amazing to me. Robertson explained that I was astonished at how I could feel so happy, so joyful, and yet also feel so afraid. You don’t have only to choose one of these feelings. You don’t need to choose fear over joy. You don’t need to choose fear and give up all joy. They kind of go together.”