Sabre-rattling between the major powers – Nato fits because of a Russian cruise missile nuclear deterrence anDie Nato responded with an adjustment to the nuclear deterrence, the stationing of nuclear weapons-Russian cruise missiles in Europe. 0 comment in addition to the nuclear deterrent should also be ground-based air defense extended: A U.S. Patriot battery on Turkish-Syrian border (2013). Photo: Keystone

We have agreed to take additional steps to ensure a safe, secure and effective deterrent, said Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg on Wednesday evening, after consultations with the defense Ministers of the Alliance countries.

Details he called. Theoretically, the adjustment could be, for example, by additional alarm exercises and maneuvers with nuclear bombers. Merely planning for the deployment of new land-based nuclear medium-range weapons were last excluded.

to in Addition to the nuclear deterrent measures, according to Stoltenberg, the ground-based air defence will be strengthened. Also, the reconnaissance capacity to be adjusted.

The stationing of the Russian SSC-8-systems (Russian: 9M729) in Europe had led in the last year Of the INF Treaty for the renunciation of land-based medium-range systems. He was stopped because the United States and the other Nato partners that Russia violated the agreement with the System.

To with nuclear warheads and mount them on 2000 miles of the Russian SSC-8-System fly:. Photo: Reuters

This capable, cruise missiles to fire with nuclear warheads to equip and more than 2000 kilometers far fly can be. Moscow rejects this and returns the range of the system with under 500 kilometers.

The INF-Treaty the two sides, production, testing, and ownership of land said based ballistic missiles and cruise missiles with ranges between 500 and 5500 kilometers.

(SDA / step)

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