you can Only have one Red Devil and got on yesterday, at on the plane, in the direction of Kazakhstan: Yannick Carrasco. The 26-year-old player from China Dailian Yifang it as a stop over on the way to the club. China is a 3,000 km further than the Only Sultan in Kazakhstan, which, in turn, at over 5,500 miles, from Belgium, has been removed.

1. The six-hour flight and a four hour difference:

a small portion of the huge Kazakhstan is located in Europe. That’s why it’s for the world cup and the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in the first round of the country’s issues. At the request of the football federation, the country, and in 2002 in Europe. Thus, it is now the third time that the Devils, Kazakhstan is in a group layout. That means six hours of flying time (about 5500 km) on a Boeing 767 with the Astana team, Air. There has been a time of four hours. As for the Devils, tomorrow at 15 hours, the international game is already up to 19 hours of in-Nur-Sultan.

“I’m hurt by such a trip hardly any,” said the Red Devil, Yannick Carrasco. “I’m just, eh. However, I do understand that it is for the team mates what’s worse, it is. They will have to return to Brussels. I can hopefully just continue. It will be a long and far away. It is time, it is not so much fun. However, I am confident that we will remain professional and there’s not a lot to go on whining.”

2. Playing on the grass

The Red Devils are playing for the second time in their career on the turf. The first time was back in 2010… China. The Devils won the match at 0-2 (two goals (Ogunjimi). The roof of the stadium in the morning in a zaalvoetbalwedstrijd seem to be. Artificial grass has the benefit of the Asian players in the national team of Kazakhstan. That will be very fast and agile players, and the players with a Russian background, are more robust and have a better tactical awareness.

Photo: Photo In The News < / P> 3. The Astana team will Only Sultan

Nine years ago, I played for the Red Devils in the Kazakh capital city of Astana. Tomorrow’s games, the Devils are in the same Astana Arena, but in the Only-Game. At the time of president Nursultan Nazarbayev’s decision to resign was, in march of this year, to include the name of the capital city, to change it to honor him. After Aqmola, Tselinograd, Akmolinsk and Astana in all, the fifth name for the man-made city over the past fifteen years, from 100,000 to 1 million inhabitants have been removed from the system.

4. Rich, for some people, however,

Borat , the film, with the old < / I> ego , the American comedian Sacha Baron Cohen in the title role, was presented in 2006 in Kazakhstan, as a country in which the paardenurine is the national drink, and the racism, prostitution, and incest is among the most important heritage. That’s not true. The country is fearfully rich, and the rich. Ten per cent of the world’s oil and gas comes from Russia. However, there is still poverty. It has been almost 30 years since independence and still no mention of the fair and equitable sharing of financial and human resources.

Photo: Photo In The News < / P> 5. Colder than it is in Belgium,

In Belgium and it is the weekend, with temperatures around 20 degrees celsius. The Red Devils will be slightly cooler (14 to 18 degrees or less), but mainly for the happiness that they will not be in the winter, you need to play. In the december and January bags, and the temperatures are down to minus 40 degrees celsius.
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