4.5 million euros per year. This is the average compensation of the managers of the SBF 120, an index grouping the 120 largest listed companies in France, according to the latest Proxinvest report. This is a 15-year high. 31 of the 120 heads of the SBF even earn more than 5 million euros (compared to 24 in 2019).

As for the bosses of the CAC 40, the rise is even more dizzying.

Their remuneration has increased by 52% compared to 2019, notes Proxinvest, for an annual average of 7.9 million euros.

The salaries of executive chairmen have been calculated by the agency taking into account fixed income, but also:

Note that among these variables, the annual bonus particularly increased in 2021 “19.9% ​​in the SBF 120 and 33.6% in the CAC 40 compared to 2019”, mentions the report, specifying that the levels reached are historic for both indexes.

“The average value of option and share grants also reached its historic high in 2021. It increased by 39.6% in the SBF 120 compared to 2019 (pre-crisis level)”, adds Proxinvest.

How to explain such a rise? Despite the crisis, it would seem that large companies are still popular, and their financial results, in 2021, have generally seen a marked improvement… Which is, of course, directly reflected in the salaries of the big bosses in France.

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