The thing looks a bit misshapen, almost like the leg of a Neanderthal, however, it glistens more beautiful. And maybe the FC Bayern should bring a copy home with you for display in his “world of experience” along with the other shiny trophies. Because the 24-Karat gold leaf finished Ribeye Steak on the bone, the Franck Ribéry in Dubai-holidays allowed, then the Internet and finally with unspeakable insults for all the garnished, which didn’t taste this a little tasteless piece of meat acts as a symbol of the bad star, the annual training camp in Qatar for the German football Champions.

Christian Eichler

sports correspondent in Munich.

F. A. Z.

The New at the ninth trip to the Emirate with the bad reputation and lots of money, that the annual criticism, usually rights situation in the country, the name of the Bavarians wear on the Jersey sleeves, directed against the business-minded belittling of people is coming this time from an unusual direction: as a restaurant critique. Actually, as a style critique, with this word in connection with Ribéry quasi prohibits. Especially in its French home of the reputation of the wing striker is ruined for his role in the mutiny of the “Équipe Tricolore” during the world Cup in 2010, and since having an affair with an underage prostitute.

From France came the most evil comments to the supposedly 1200 euros expensive Gold-Steak. It may be cheaper (without the Gold it is only about 240 Euro on the menu of the Kurdish-Turkish chef Gökçe, who has also hosted already football Gourmets such as Lionel Messi or Gianni Infantino) Nusret, Yes, maybe even free, as a Bayern spokesman for claims, so it’s just a kind of counter-performance advertising for the effect, makes the thing less “decadent” will appear – one of the most used adjectives in the reactions in the social media.

Ribery is in eleven and a half years at Bayern, more than any other by a loss of Control noticed. In order to survive it unscathed, he needed all the protection of the most powerful German club. Now, in his probably last season that he would like to be extended, increasing the frequency. In September, he is supposed to have a photographer attacked. In November, he was slapped by a French journalist. Now he tops all of this, and defame all critics of his dining choice, or rather: his Posturing as “the envious and hate-filled”, which owe their birth alone-a “hole in the condom” off. His prompt, what mothers of these “haters” with their mothers, Grand-or even your “family tree” should do, is not quotable.

In all of this believes that Ribéry with higher powers in the League. “I owe you nothing, my success I owe, especially to God, to myself and to my Loved ones, who have believed in me. For all others: you are no more than pebbles in my socks.“ To page’s wife Wahiba: “poor France, that there are so many idiots and assholes.” The country people she recommends the example of the “yellow West, the complain about the important people, the money spend to take care of, instead of what Mr Ribéry has for dinner”.

a good example of Serenity, Bayern coach Niko Kovac is progressing. “You can show me someone?”, he asked, “surprised” by the theme, as you spoke to him after arriving in Qatar on ribéry’s controversial meal, and then found: “It is something each must decide for himself what and how he does it. This is a part of democracy.“ A club spokesman said the thing first, a “private matter”, and sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic deprecated only “the choice of words”.