Synonymous with a new start, retirement is an important stage in life… But it is also a source of concern for those approaching it. In the columns of Medisite, the psychogenealogist Manuelle Sekely evokes the greatest fears of pre-retirees. First, the fear of a disrupted intimate and social life, of a certain loneliness, anxieties related to health and finally financial concerns.

“Have I contributed enough quarters to live comfortably?”, “Do I have to work longer to hope for a better retirement pension?”, “How much will my standard of living plummet? “, are questions that are as frequent as they are legitimate. To relieve your fears but also anticipate variations in income, it is essential to estimate your retirement at least two years before the big jump. In addition to reassuring you, estimating your future retirement pension at the right price allows you to find solutions to improve your future purchasing power and avoid any calculation errors.

To do this, note that your retirement is calculated on the basis of three key points, according to information from Info Retraite. Here they are :

Please note: note that other periods are taken into account when calculating your pension. This is the case of rights related to children, periods of family care, unemployment or illness.

In our slideshow below, discover five Planet tips for estimating your retirement as accurately as possible.