One of the two women who, with their children, have been reported to the british embassy in Turkey, and has children by a Belgian jihadist. That is found in The Morning by several sources.

The two Dutch-Syria-goers reported on Wednesday in the embassy, in the capital, Ankara. They would be a couple of weeks ago from the camp of Al-Hole in the North of Syria, have been released. Tentatively, they are trapped in a Turkish prison, but they have asked the Netherlands for assistance.

one Of the women in the Netherlands, the citizenship has declined because of involvement in a terrorist organisation. Her two children aged 3 and 4 years old, from a Belgian father, Ali El-Morabit. He was, in 2015, in absentia, to five years in prison in the trial around Sharia4Belgium. It is not clear whether he is still alive.
More about the Syriëstrijders Turkey, takes two of the ISIS-women’s on the border of the Netherlands gets only one Syriëganger to return to Turkey, the other woman will lose the Dutch nationality, While the right of immediate arrest of the ISIS-widow’s orders, is asking the Belgian state to them not to return to Iraq rejects judgments of the European ISIS fighters ex: “take Responsibility for one’s own people”