Retirement: 3 real estate tips to never lose sight of


Who has never dreamed of improving their retirement pension? The standard of living of policyholders, it is clear, is one of the subjects of regular public and political debate. The weight of retirees in GDP is often discussed, as Planet has already been able to explain, is also very often discussed. It is supposed to peak at around 14% according to the recommendations of a number of economists, including Nobel Prize winner Jean Tirole. Unfortunately, given the demographic problems facing our pension system, this quite mechanically means that pensions will be reduced from generation to generation.

To continue to survive, it is therefore better to consider certain protection mechanisms. These include, in particular, savings and, in general, the creation of capital. Some might be tempted to turn to life insurance or, more recently, to retirement savings. However, if there is one area that should be taken into account… it is that of real estate. It must even be the priority of any retiree, Florence Legros recently explained in our columns.

Inflating your retirement pension, when you cannot work more, can only go through savings, recalls the economist, who heads the ICN Business School. There are, she underlines, two vectors which must then be taken into account. “The most important thing is real estate. All retirees must make the acquisition of their home a priority. right from the start, not without recalling that, most often, such an objective “corresponds to the household calendar”. It is indeed a question of “putting one’s family under one roof”. the loan basically corresponds to savings: it is an opportunity to create capital”, specifies the expert.

Second advantage of real estate: when it is not the main residence, it can easily be rented. However, recalls the specialized newspaper Le Revenu, this is one of the most effective solutions for inflating one’s pension without necessarily having to pay more (provided, of course, of already having a good likely to be placed for rent!).

This being the case, continue our colleagues, it is possible to round off the end of the month in this way without even having more than one home. Renting a furnished room in your apartment makes it easy to get around the need to be twice (at least!) an owner. In some cases, the press title emphasizes, it is even possible to take advantage of tax exemptions (student or seasonal rentals, for example).

Of course, there is still a third track that is quite easy to put in place. And perhaps no less advantageous.

The life annuity, which Planet has had the opportunity to speak about on more than one occasion, constitutes another opportunity for real estate owners… Who therefore benefit from the possibility of making their real estate capital liquid.

Two options are then available to the owner about to sell: either the latter opts for a life annuity, which allows him to receive the amount of the transaction in more times, until his possible death – and therefore to inflate as much as his daily income! – or he decides to go for the life annuity without an annuity, which allows the capital to be recovered immediately without necessarily having to leave the accommodation immediately.

The ideal, very often, consists in selling the possible secondary residence in life annuity, judge Le Revenu.