the new Republican senators party were on Thursday jointly sworn in, and received a lot of public attention: Mitt Romney, former presidential candidate and now Senator for the state of Utah. Two days earlier, he had published in the “Washington Post” a Text in which he criticised the President. Donald Trump was not up to its task, and in the past few months, it went with the presidency further and further downhill, it said. “Now that our Nation is so divided, full of resentment and angry, would be full of character and leadership by the President is decisive. And of all places in this area the inability of the incumbent, like the most obvious,“ wrote Romney.

America should take the lead in world politics again, and the damage to home repair – to do this, Trump must inspire citizens and a. Romney was, in the eyes of many observers, a kind of truce with Trump. As he recalled in his Essay that he had been in 2016, against the presidential candidacy of the real estate entrepreneur. Trump urged Romney to see himself more as a “team player”. And the Chairman of the Republican national Committee, Ronna Romney McDaniel, described the article as “disappointing and counterproductive”. Romney McDaniel, a niece of the Senator.

Against Obama

Romney, from 2003 to 2007, Massachusetts Governor, lost to joined in 2012 unsuccessfully against incumbent Barack Obama. In the Mid-term congressional elections on may 6. November 2018, he was elected as the successor of Orrin Hatch for Utah in the Senate. Romney is now living in the Mormon state, where he has family roots and a strong donor network.