Weather: thunderstorms expected in 42 departments this afternoon


After the good weather, the rain? This week was placed under the sign of storm, lightning and thunder. Only on Thursday August 18, 2022, Le Parisien reports that violent gusts reaching 224 km/h were recorded in Corsica, in Marignana…

And still today, according to the Météo France bulletin at 10 a.m., locally stormy precipitation lingers over part of the territory and extends to several regions. Thus forcing the service to place 5 departments in yellow vigilance rain and floods: Haute-Savoie, Savoie, Isère, Drôme and Ain.

Then, from this Saturday, explains La Chaîne Météo, it is the return of summer temperatures throughout France. A seasonal normal between 20°C and 33°C will be present from north to south.

Despite a few clouds in the early morning, the sun will be “generous” for the French the rest of the day. Sunday, on the other hand, Brittany should be veiled in cumulus clouds, with the possibility of a few drops falling.

But for now, it’s the storm. 42 departments have been placed, according to the bulletin of August 19, 2022 at 10 a.m. from Météo France, in yellow vigilance for thunderstorms for the afternoon and evening of this Friday.

To find out about the entire territory concerned by the surveillance, Planet has produced the corresponding slideshow below. It should nevertheless be considered that the forecasts of meteorologists are always subject to precision and change.