Even in summer, cheese is an essential part of our daily life. If some recipes particularly appreciated by the French such as raclette or tartiflette are more associated with winter, summer offers other ways to consume these dairy products.

Whether in a salad, on toast or simply on a piece of bread, cheese can be a satisfying and even fresh snack when the outside temperature reaches peaks.

Conversely, Reblochon is one of those cheeses that are generally associated with the mountains and skiing. And if some amateurs can devour tartiflettes even when the temperature exceeds 30°C, it is more complex for others who prefer to eat this Savoyard cheese in winter.

However, even in summer, cheeses do not escape recall procedures. Thus, after biscuits, pâté and salad, today it is Reblochon that is concerned.

Indeed, the raw milk farmer’s reblochon from Savoie of the Schmidhauser brand from lot no.

The Rappel Conso website specifies that this procedure follows a “malfunction during production which led to a lack of hygiene during the manufacture of certain products.” The batch concerned, sold in Casino supermarkets throughout France, has thus been removed from the shelves and must be returned to the store to avoid risks.

Here is the list of cities concerned by this recall procedure.