This is the other detail that should not be forgotten before leaving. Many holidaymakers have already planned their destination for this summer. Some, it is a certainty, will leave far from the borders of France – in search of novelty or sensations. That being said, it is important to remember that any departure on vacation must be prepared to avoid unpleasant surprises: this involves various provisions, already mentioned in our columns. Have you thought about checking your payment limits, for example?

Several stages of the preparation fall under the financial dimension. This is the case, again, of the possible subscription to the travel insurance contract that it is relevant to consider. In some cases, explains Pleine-Vie, it is even a must! At the risk, otherwise, of not being able to leave… Since in all and for all, around forty countries in the world – i.e. as many potential destinations – refuse to let tourists who do not present travel insurance with special mention “Covid-19”.

Le Figaro, on its website, lists the countries requiring such precautionary measures. There she is :