As for the Australian, Rachel, a long time ago in a restaurant, entered the court, she said, she was suddenly face to face with her ex-boyfriend. It can be done, do you think? Well, if that’s your boyfriend of two years earlier, was dead?

Rachel was 18 when she was a 21-year-old Alistair < / I> (with a fake name, for legal reasons.) came to know in an Australian pub, where he is a chef was working. They hit it off immediately and soon began a relationship. “He was very kind, and sweet,” a witness to Rachel’s.

When the three months came to Alistair on an evening along with Rachel. He had a broken hand. Sustained during a fight that is not his fault it was, or so he said. The injury also meant that he was for a while, and could not work. He asked if some money could be borrowed, so that he get could be a fan. A thousand Australian dollars, or nearly to 620 euro.

A few months later, the two of them together. “Not because something bad happened, it was, you know,” says Rachel. “We are not being cheated, the relationship was just coming to an end. I felt like you.”

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Alistair’s paid her immediately, for 300 Australian dollars (€185), but quickly said he was no longer on her comments. “I got to be friends at first to hear that he has been to rehab and was gone. I thought that was weird because I had never noticed he used drugs. It turns out, however, that he and all of his friends are also owed money. A few of the thousands and thousands of dollars in total.

Not much later, there was Rachel, with a terrible phone call. Alistair was dead, so she got to hear of it. The mother of Alistair’s told all his friends that her son had been murdered. “I have tried losing on my own way to handle it, and it was me that did.”

now, Two years later went to Rachel with a friend at a restaurant in the village where she and Alistair both had grown up. “I know that his brother was also employed. I asked the waitress if he was there, so I will just hello to say this because I have had him for a long time not seen. The waitress responded by saying that he was not there. But his brother did. .”

“There was nothing I could do,”

Rachel couldn’t believe it. Suddenly, she saw him standing there. Alistair. In a face to face. “I was in a state of shock.”

The two said to the maid, or the young man just to be with them was good. “It was replaced by the owner of the restaurant to ourselves, in order to determine if there is a problem. He asked us to leave.”

The two women walked out to their car and decided to go to the police. “The cops told me it was his word against mine and that I could not prove I ever had the money to. There was nothing I could do about it.”

And then, in the morning in a stranger turn of events. When the two friends returned to the restaurant, called to ask if she and Alistair were able to speak, they were told that no one by that name worked there. And in just a couple of minutes later on, Rachel, leave a message on Alistairs mother to complain that the scene in which Rachel made sure was that Alistair, his job was lost. “The only thing I wanted was to talk to him, so that we were able to clearance. That’s all.”