The thoughtful expression of Friedhelm Funkel told more than a thousand words. Even the strong performances of his team in the Telekom Cup against FC Bayern (7:8 i. e.) and against Hertha (3:1) on Sunday were not able to cheer up the coach of Fortuna Düsseldorf. “You can’t swallow so Readily. You have to let a lot of things to start pouring,“ said the 65-year-old football teacher the Posse to his future at the Table fourteenth.

Bundesliga round DISPLAY

not had a week at the start of the displeasure of Sparkle. “Now I go on Tuesday in this conversation, but how this will end, I can’t guess,” he said of the “Rheinische Post” (Tuesday edition) with a view to the planned conversation with the club management over a possible extension of his in the coming summer, expiring contract. He was “so optimistic”, as the chief Executive officer of Robert shepherd “is, perhaps. I can’t be.“ Funkel said: “In the course of the discussions, you will see how far we have come closer to us so that I can use for a further year in the first League to sign. I don’t know if I’m really doing.“

shepherd is likely to emerge as the loser from the PR Disaster. The surprise announcement of the Association last Friday at their training camp in Marbella, to the end of the season expiring in cooperation with Sparkle not to renew, resulted in protests by many Fans, and a Shitstorm on the Internet. On the question of whether he was thinking about a withdrawal, said the Chairman of the Board with a clear “no”: “I must take responsibility for it. I can but only if I act, if I do that, if I deal with the legitimate Anger of the Fans.“

Remorseful Schaefer announced a quick deal with a Twinkle: “We now want to arrange the contract as soon as possible.” Whether the well-planned A-year contract remains only in the case of a class a finding of Fortuna, valid, open both side. “You will hear in the discussions of what is feasible. And I don’t want to tire these talks advance,“ said Funkel.

The announcement that the Trainer contract does not extend, had not only the Fans but also the team for the surprise. After all, it had been in the last three Hinrunden-Play with three wins in the series, the newcomer had drawn up a Four-point lead on the relegation place 16. Not least for this reason, both goalkeeper Michael Rensing as well as captain Oliver Fink, the Coach of languages in connection to the Telekom Cup for the whereabouts of the Trainer. Schaefer hopes that the recent good mood in the Team has taken no harm: “I think that something is left hanging. We, the team and the coach will strengthen the back.“