On the border with Poland in Warsaw, it was a load of detentions, which is ten, the tigers have been transported to Italy. The animals come from Italy and they would probably be on their way to a circus in the Russian republic of Dagestan. The animals were malnourished and dehydrated, in much too small cages, which some people don’t even bars, they were. One of the animals that survived the shipping.

At the border, the freight was stopped because the driver had all the necessary papers and medical certificates for the animals. A veterinarian of the border to work, and was surprised when the tiger saw this: “Our borders are not provided. We continue to work with the cattle which we do not have the technical ability to have the animals anymore.” For the time being, as the tigers are, therefore, forced stranded at the border until there is a solution. It’s likely that the animals on Wednesday will be picked up by a Polish zoo, which is 500 km away from the Polish border.

After an autopsy revealed that the tiger died, has been suffering from darmcomplicaties. During the transport, it was the only meat that the beast was thrown, causing the animal’s death.

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