Podcast on the Swiss football – “Bickel, however, was to extend the contract with Magnin”Which team copes best with the special Corona-circumstances? Who needs to descend? And why the FC Zurich changes its head of sports?Florian Raz0 comments

Before the re-start of the Super League reigns for once the strange Unity in our Podcast-round. “It’s a miracle would have to happen, so that YB is master,” is Fabian Ruch. And hardly any since, likes to contradict him. It was only when our Bernese representatives also explained that even “could be the second YB-the team on rank three in the League”, the resistance will be greater.

Against the current Leader of St. Gallen only the smaller squad, not talking at 13 laps in 45 days Ruch, but also the weather finds: “I don’t think that you can adjust your game to the heat in July.” And when third-placed FC Basel with a question: “How much unrest sows the President, according to Thomas schifferle especially? How many sticks he throws his coach between the legs?”

The other topics of the issue: Who has to descend? And Thomas Bickel has to give FC Zürich the Post of sports Director, because he had opinion to coach Ludovic Magnin other than club President Ancillo Canepa?

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