A drug courier from Guatemala – corpse in a plastic bag identified – Swiss arrested by the end of December 2019, was found in Kirchberg a corpse. Now the Deceased has been identified. A 35-year-old Swiss was arrested.0 Comment forensics: The police investigated after the body was discovered the scene of the crime.Video: BRK News

The St. Gallen public Prosecutor’s office has identified a dead body that was discovered at the end of December 2019 in a plastic bag in Kirchberg SG. It is a man from Guatemala who worked as a drug courier on the road.

The identity of the deceased, a drug courier, fixed on the basis of his biometric data, without a doubt, the St. Gallen public Prosecutor’s office on Wednesday.

It was a 44-year-old has become the Guatemalans who have lived as a Tourist in Switzerland. In connection with the death of a 35 had been arrested-year-old Swiss, who confessed to be. He must be responsible for, among other things, due to the disturbance of the peace of the Dead. For him, the presumption of innocence applies to the message.

On the 29. December was discovered by a person walking in a Meadow on the edge of the forest in Kirchberg a plastic bag and the police alerted. When you Open the Sacks, it was discovered that as a unclothed dead man.

resulted in The following investigation, that the man is a drug courier. The Institute for legal medicine of the St. Gallen cantonal hospital was held at the post-mortem in his body several 100 grams in Finger cots, drugs packaged. A perforation of the Intestine had led to the death of the man. Violence could not be found.

(SDA /aru)

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