Accident off England’s coast – U.S. fighter jet crashes in the NordseeVom pilots, each track is missing. Rescue forces to air and to water are in use. In the crash it is this combat aircraft.(Keystone/Dave Noland/Handout/icon image)

A U.S. fighter plane crashed on Monday in front of the English coast in the North sea. The one in the UK-based unit of the American air force said.

It is therefore aircraft type F-15C. Aboard the plane, a Pilot, therefore, was – about his whereabouts, nothing was known. A rescue operation had been launched, it was said in the message. It was a routine training flight.

The British coast guard, the incident occurred around 140 km before the village of Flamborough, near Scarborough, on the English North sea coast. A rescue helicopter and several vessels were in use, it said in a statement.