Significantly more than 300,000 owners of Volkswagen cars with tampered emission control have been used by the Bundestag adopted the possibility of a pattern for a declaratory judgment and demand of the Wolfsburg-based automotive group for damages. Up to the 28. December had registered 294.000 VW-owner in the list for the pattern declaratory action, said the spokesman of the Federal office for justice, Thomas otterbach, on Wednesday.

Carsten Germis

economic correspondent in Hamburg.

F. A. Z.

In the three days up to the 31. December have registered but still many more people in the Federal list, so that the pattern detection brought a lawsuit against VW of significantly more than 300,000 people. The claims against Volkswagen Statute-barred on 31. December. With the entry in the list, the period of limitation is interrupted.

ADAC supports the action

The Federation of German consumer organisations, the complaint against Volkswagen was 1. November, immediately with the entry into force of the law to the competent court in Braunschweig, Germany, submitted. The organization wants to make it possible to determine whether the car company has to pay because of manipulated Exhaust systems for the damage to owners of cars of the Volkswagen group, with certain diesel engines damages.