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we could Not even imagine to see Pamplona, on July 7, without celebrate San Fermín, but the characteristics of this feast make it absolutely incompatible with the security measures that the health situation requires it. Therefore, it was inevitable that, on the 21st of April, e l City of Pamplona to suspend the celebration of the feasts of the patron saint, including, of course, the running of the bulls and the bullfights. A very bad news for tourism and the economy; also, for Bullfighting and, ultimately, to the deepest feelings of the people navarro.

sums up the English title of Hemingway, “Party” : “At noon on the Saturday 6 of July, the fiesta exploded. There is No other way of expressing it”. And apostille: “it Was a feast, and lasted seven days.” Thanks in part to his testimony, the San Fermin has become a universal celebration, which attracts tourists from the entire world.

The closures have a root popular a century old and are a unique spectacle. The viewing figures for Spanish Tv are spectacular. Another fact: in Pamplona, the antitaurinos can dare to attack the bullfighting but not the running of the bulls. Although the distinction is absurd: without the bullfights, the running of the bulls would have no meaning.

All the san fermin festival, which revolve around the toro bravo, a great totem of this feast. In a day, you happen to the running of the bulls, the cows, strokes, the cutters, the paragraph, the parade of supporters clubs, the bullfight, the encierrillo, the bull of fire… I Reiterate my devotion to the encierrillo, ancestral ritual of an extraordinary beauty. The Feria del Toro is one of the highlights of the season, with cattle very serious, of the best cattle. The full are guaranteed. The House of Mercy had already announced –and purchased, in a firm– the cattle we were going to deal with this year.

Not going to explode this year in Pamplona, the rocket that opens the san fermin festival, or sing the “oh, Poor me!”, that closes. Poor of all pamplonicas and all who love this unique party… next year, if God willing, we will return to get excited about, at the San Fermin festival.