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The president of Vox, is Santiago Abascal , has criticized Friday the “cowardice” of the Popular Party to reduce the haircuts on the bullrings in Andalusia, and with this “do not viable the festivities ” for an industry “plagued” by the coronavirus.

Abascal has reacted well to the decision of the Board of Andalusia to ensure the social distance in the bullrings. The Board is already limited to a 50 percent capacity, but has now announced that it also would require after the controversy of bullfighting in The Port, where it was Abascal

“again, cowardice of the PP give in to the pressures of the purses and company”, has been censored on his Twitter account Abascal, that accuses the PP –that governs Andalusia in coalition with Citizens and with the support of Vox– make “unfeasible” to the bullfights to change the rule “a second time”.

The leader of Vox calls it a “painful” this decision and warns that it will “ more unemployment and calamity ” for a guild which, he claims, has already been very “punished” by the pandemic, reports Ep.

The own Abascal publicised last week its presence in the corrida de toros in Puerto de Santa Maria sharing on social networks a photo with Morante de la Puebla. “The world of the bull is hunted by the totalitarian and abandoned by the Government”, he denounced.

According to held, this year it was “inescapable” to accompany the sector del toro, who is “living an authentic ruin” as a result of the Covid-19, which blamed the “management criminal” who believes that the Executive is making the pandemic.

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