Award-winning Graphic Novel – The new Swiss children’s book prize goes to a top-ComicDer young Zurich-based Illustrator Nando von Arb has not taken the reality of blended families in an innovative Graphic Novel. And the Jury will be overwhelmed.Alexandra Kedves1 Kommentar1So from you see, the title with three fathers: a massive giant, a windy Fox, and a more agile man.Image: book cover of Nando of Arbs “3 fathers”, Edition Modern.

The little Nando is just a white Oval with a black Beret: On the drawings of the Graphic Novel “3 fathers” rolls, so to speak, as bemütztes pigeon’s egg by not an easy life. His white mother dove tears for her Chicks, and their other two children, literally put into the picture, the chest. But it is neither financially nor mentally from life.

your three consecutive life partner Nando phase way Stop, each man in his own way. You will be so. its the “3 fathers” – as the Band headline, which now has the new, with 10 000 Swiss francs doped Swiss children’s and youth book prize

debut and masterpiece

The over 300-page Graphic Novel is the comics debut of 1992, the Zurich-born graphic designer and Illustrator Nando von Arb. And not only is his entry ticket into the scene, but already a masterpiece. Already after the publication in Edition Modern in March 2019, the car caught biographically primed book’s attention – with his unframed Panels, its strong psychological symbol language, in addition to the terse sentences, and his minimalist black-and-white drawings, colored splash pages, which give the blended family world. So it was honored to Nando of Arbs Alma Mater, the University of Lucerne, with a price; in addition, it was nominated for the award Delémont’BD as the best Swiss Comic 2019.

The “3 fathers” was selected from over 80 titles for the best Swiss children’s and youth book of the year, justified the Jury with Nando of Arbs cheerful radicalism to graphical as on the level of content. “With ease and joy in experimentation, he combines a classic narrative tone with bluntly gruff dialogues. Rugged Black-and-White drawings alternate in a playful way with popfarbener variegation. And the reflection about art not only through the life of the protagonist, but this elaborately designed book of art is also reflected in the materiality. The authentic family history reaches the young as well as older readers.”

The mother bird guards its eggs, all three.Image: Nando of ArbDer father of the sister’s for the whole family a reliable port, even if he’s a blatant joke.Image: From “3 fathers”In the back seat of the Small, the front threatens to not squat the miss mood: Nando von Arb glosses over the Childhood.Image: from “3 fathers”1 / 3

in fact, the male-rough sound of the third partner of the mother, for example, for the boys on the one hand, horrifying, on the other hand, comforting. As Nando has to be because of a penile inflammation cropped, calms him down, the giant stick drawn man with the tiny head, he is presenting his own physicality; later, he will go on to develop cancer. The biological father is represented as a windy Fuchs, the Nandos basic trust is deeply shaken when he left the family. It was only when the Boy is starting to grow up, improving your relationship again.

The Jury has made a wise decision, and with this first award we are giving a Signal. The new award, which will be hosted by the Swiss Institute for children’s and youth media, the Swiss booksellers and publishers Association and the Solothurn literature days, good Swiss children’s book of the traditions: It focuses simultaneously on graphical Innovation, and child day-to-day reality. A Bravo for the artist and the Jury.

Nando von Arb: 3 fathers. Edition Moderne, Zurich, 2019. 304 PP., approx. 49 Fr.

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