October 2022 was the hottest month ever recorded in France. But the atmosphere will change, from the beginning of next week, to get closer, a little more, to the normals of the season.

This beginning of autumn, it must be admitted, actually looked more like summer.

According to the Weather Channel, the mercury this month was 3.7°C above seasonal averages. A record. In question, in particular: the heat wave which swept over the country this week, with up to 30°C felt in the South of France.

For the private meteorological service, it is as exceptionally mild as the heat waves of summer 2022.

But this abnormal climate is also cause for concern. Faced with drought, 78 departments are still affected by water restrictions. And the farmers are panicking.

Fortunately, the situation should not last in November. From Monday, in some regions, a change of atmosphere should take place, warn meteorologists.

“Gone is the end of the meridian circulation with these southerly winds which constantly send us warm air, instead of the more zonal classic circulation, with oceanic winds from southwest to west”, specifies the site of the Weather Channel.

Between Monday and Thursday, the sky will be overcast; there will be wind, showers, and temperatures will sometimes drop by almost 10°C in a few days. On average, in the middle of the week, the difference will reach 7°C, notes the specialized media.

Until when will you be able to enjoy the good weather? In our slideshow, discover the day when the temperatures will drop, and when autumn will make its big comeback, region by region**.

** according to the Météo France bulletin on 28/10/2022 at 8 a.m.