New civil service law – counsels agree on waiting a year for change to the civil dienstdas civil service law is under the roof. As the Council of States the national Council, is a waiting year for people decided to move from the army into the civil service has now.7 Kommentare7Der army should not run out of soldiers: civil service at the end of the renovation of a dry stone wall in the Muotathal.(Keystone/Urs Flüeler/archives)

The Parliament, the civil service law some. The aim of the template is to prevent the army soldiers are missing. Close of submission of the Application and until the decision of Admission will remain the exchange further agree to military service required.

Red-Green against a wait period

The decision in the national Assembly fell on Thursday, with 104 to 86 votes in favour and 4 abstentions. The no votes came from the SP, Green, and GLP.

After the first round of consultations had been a waiting period of twelve months in the case of a transfer from the army the only contentious point. The national Council had rejected in December, the deadline at the request of the Left. A red-green minority wanted to hold on Thursday, still working on it, but lost.

to Make the civil service less attractive, make the army more attractive, said Priska Seiler count (SP/ZH). “The waiting period is nothing more than harassment,” said Beat Flat (GLP/AG). The waiting period will give time to examine the exchange along with the Concerned thoroughly, was held by Thomas Rechsteiner (CVP/AI) against it.

concern for the poor stocks

The rest of the Swiss Federal Council’s proposed measures, the councils had agreed to before the course. Background to the amendments, the concern with the stocks of the army. The interest in the civil service increased with the abolition of the examination of conscience in 2009, by leaps and bounds. Recently, the Trend was on the decline.

The civil service should take – as it is today – one and a half times as long as the military service, however, a minimum of 150 days of Service. Today, already done the military will be credited with days of service. The minimum number of extended the service time for those who switch from the first repetition rate. For officers and non-commissioned officers to re-apply the factor of 1.5. So far, it was the factor of 1.1.

the first use in the year after admission to the civil service should be paid, in full, must be. After that, an annual application is compulsory. Persons who have not passed at the time of admission to the school for recruits, you will need to complete your civil service application 180 days, at the latest, in the calendar year after the final approval.

people have the last word

not for the civil service admitted to people that in the army no remaining service days left will be. This is to prevent members of the army with the change of shooting duty shirk.

in Addition, no more bets are to be allowed, require a started or completed the study of medicine. So no incentive to change for the purpose of continuing vocational training to the civil service.

The last word of the innovations is likely to have the voting public. The civil service Association Civiva, the group for Switzerland without an army (Gsoa), the Green party and the SP have already announced a Referendum. The GLP will support this, like Flat said. The civil service act is ready for the final votes.


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