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Dries Van Langenhove, may not take part in a debate in which the liberal student organization LVSV, 10 October, at the Free University of Brussels, belgium. The VUB / ulb can’t guarantee it, ” says vice-rector, Jan Danckaert. In the past few weeks, two student activities with Van Langenhove – that is, as an independent director on the Vlaams belang-Kamerfractie, and the extreme right-wing student organization of Shield, and Friends, founded at the university of Ghent already been removed.

the LVSV would be on the 10th of October, politicians from the different blocs, to invite to a debate that is likely to continue to be on the campus in sint-jans-molenbeek. But the rector’s was contacted by the administration and pointed to the potential problems. In accordance with the rectorate, the security department of the vrije universiteit brussel does not have the necessary capacity to carry out the philosophy of the debate in order to ensure what it sounds like.

“freedom of speech is very important, but we’ll just have to look at the practical aspects,” says Danckaert. Referring to the previous problems, however, when, in 2017, in a debate with former state secretary Theo Francken (N-VA) was not able to continue. The LVSV-the debate is not canceled, but the ultra-left and the extreme right-wing candidates and won’t participate in, ” says LVSV-president of Emerick Asmus, who, in the case of regrets.

to Van Langenhove is a criminal investigation following a sensational Pano-documentary about a controversial student organization of Shield, and Friends of the university of Ghent and an artist. He considers himself to in the coming academic year to enroll at the catholic university of Leuven, for his studies, his or her rights to the work, but the member of the parliament, no decision has been made.

Last month, free of Ghent, department of LVSV have a debate with Van Langenhove and student IMPLICATIONS and could have a reading at the university of Ghent does not allow them to continue.

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