The body of Justine Vayrac, who went missing this weekend, was found on Thursday following the confession of the main suspect in the case, Lucas L. We know that she spent her evening last Saturday at “La Charrette”, a nightclub in Brive-la-Gaillarde. During the last hours of his police custody, the main suspect confessed to having killed her with a single punch, according to his statements.

lucas l. was therefore indicted for rape, forcible confinement and murder and remanded in custody. He faces life imprisonment.

The key witness in this case, Theo, a friend of the victim, helped direct the investigators on the trail of the suspect. He himself was present at the fatal party on Saturday evening.

The last time he sees Justine, she is with Lucas L. in the nightclub parking lot. They know they knew each other. But when Theo returns some time later to make sure she’s okay, they’ve already left. Theo then contacts Lucas, who tells him that Justine would have gone to find someone else, as reported by BFMTV. The next morning, when the companion and the victim’s mother find themselves without news, they sound the alarm and a call for witnesses is launched.

Before the suspect’s confession, the police conducted a search of Lucas’ home, discovering the victim’s charred handbag. They also found traces of blood inside the home as well as on the gear lever of his car. The suspect explained to the police that he had buried the body of the victim in an adjoining forest, and used an agricultural machine to dig the earth, according to BFMTV.

Here are the various elements that remain uncertain in the case of the dramatic murder of the 20-year-old young woman.