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The Council of Ministers approved yesterday the fund non-refundable fee of 16,000 million euros that the Government and distributed among the autonomous communities to cover the expenses generated by the Covid-19 and that had been announced by the chairman of the Executive, Pedro Sanchez, makes a month and a half. In this time, they have changed the criteria of distribution -which is no novelty-but it is still not clear how much money you will receive each autonomous community. Yes it is known that there will be four installments between July and December. The current criteria for distribution will be the most help received never by regional governments, are the protected population equivalent, the number of hospitalizations, ICU and PCR tests, as explained it yesterday the minister of Finance, Maria Jesus Montero.

today, the 16,000 million euros of the fund will be apportioned in the following way: 9.000 million for health expenditure, more than 4,200 million to mitigate the loss of tax revenue, 2,000 million for education and $ 800 million to compensate for the drop in travelers in the public companies of transport (buses, metro and suburban train).

Montero stressed yesterday that this fund represents a “oxygen live” to meet the needs of the autonomous communities. After noting that the regions will not have to return the money to the State and that will not impact or in your debt or in the generation of interest to to pay, he added that the decision on its distribution the Government has listened to “all of the communities and a big part of the political groups”.

however, most of the regional governments, even those governed by the PSOE, have been criticized for “unfair” the new criteria set for the distribution of this fund.

So, the andalusian government has already made to the accounts following the criteria of allocation announced by the Ministry of Finance and, according to their accounts, they will receive 2,100 million extra of this funding , an amount that, according to the spokesman of the Board, Elias Bendodo, assumes a 34.5% less than what would correspond according to the criterion of population, which is the one that defends the executive andalusian. In absolute terms, to the public purse andalusian missing 809 million euros, depending on the version of the Board.

A quantity that does not renounce to claim, if well opt for prudence. is “The central Government has been rectified a thousand times , there is no reason to believe that this time is not going to be as well, so we will have to wait because there is room for improvement and rectification,” he said yesterday Bendodo.

Benefits to Catalonia

The complaint of the Executive andalusian does not stop there. His spokesman had no issue in lambasting the autonomous communities of Catalonia and Madrid because they get more money by having less population. is “Andalusia will receive 13.5% of the total of these funds extraordinary when it should receive close to 20%, while Catalonia and Madrid are going to lead to 40% of the same. Someone has to explain that Catalonia receives 1,000 million more when you have a million fewer people living there; you cannot strengthen the territorial imbalances due to political pressure”.

From Castilla y León, the president of the Board, Alfonso Fernández Mañueco (PP) criticized the fact that the criteria of allocation of the fund will not only “harm” to the community, one of the most affected by the Covid-19 , but even “going against the fight against the pandemic.” “The territories are less populated require more support and funds. Do not need cuts, give them back,” she reproached Fernández Mañueco, for those who “fair” is that it “addresses the cost of health and Social services” , two of the portfolios that have most suffered the impact of the coronavirus. “Castilla y León is one of the most” lost ” censored.

The government of Catalonia considered yesterday “insufficient,” the amount of 3,200 million euros that are befitting of the fund Covid-19. The spokesman of Torra, Meritxell Budo, said in the press conference after the weekly meeting of the Catalan government. Budo recalled that, in the opinion of the government, the transfer of this fund should go up to the 4,500 million as little , because this is the amount calculated by the Catalan Government that has led to spending on health during the pandemic and the loss of income at that time.

The cabinet of Iñigo Urkullu exteriorizó yesterday “ emphatic disagreement” with the decree of the central Government . The executive of Vitoria understands that Sanchez has failed to unilaterally the “financial rules that govern the relationship of basque with the State” because, being a “background exceptional budget” to give more funding to the regions through transfers, “it is imperative to put in place the procedure paccionado and agreed to participation of the Basque country, as determined by” the law of the Quota.

In line with this, the government of Urkullu denied that the territory is outside of the fourth section 5,000 million to compensate for losses of public income “under the excuse of tax systems to regional government are “slightly comparable” to the rest”. “This is a motivation fallacious , since neither the criteria of sharing, where there are transfers up for declines in revenues of transport, or targets of the fund, are distinguishable according to tax systems,” he said.

Castilla-La Mancha estimates that it will receive around 630 million euros. “does Not cease to be an estimate because, for the moment, the Government has not communicated an official figure,” said to ABC sources, the ministry of Finance castillian-manchegan. “When we reported the initial criteria of delivery we were very satisfied because it acknowledged the impact that each territory has had the pandemic . The same as Spain claiming the european level”, say from the ministry of Finance.

however, the change in the criteria for weight gain of the population has done that you also change the opinion of the executive castellanomanchego, who now believes that the system of sharing “is not appropriate and, therefore, we cannot be satisfied . We understand that what is reasonable is to respond to the impact that the coronavirus has had in each community,” they conclude.

In the absence of knowing how much money you will receive, Galicia believes that the criteria for the allocation of the fund, the hurt. His denunciation of the prime communities to more populated will play against you. “The proposed allocation is totally inadequate for Galicia”, denounces the Ministry of Finance. is In the health fund, the galician community do not agree , for example, which takes into account only the hospital costs. Galicia also requested that primase the expense to attend to sick of coronavirus in the homes, in the homes of older built-in and the expense faced in primary care.

While, from the valencian Government is satisfied in general lines with the cast. The collective complaint was to respond to a criterion of the population, as finally this has been. Despite this, the degrees of happiness vary between the partners. The one who most stands out is Compromís, considering that his claims are not addressed everything possible in spite of having given his vote in favour of the investiture of Pedro Sanchez. Its only member in Congress, Joan Baldoví, yesterday put the focus in the aid of 800 million to the public transport.

The Valencian Community will receive 40,9 million, what he called a “drubbing” of the minister José Luis Ábalos , at the same time that criticized the fact that Madrid and Barcelona are the main beneficiaries.

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, said yesterday that the government you will be able to cover “a large portion” of the costs of health care, and education so that they will be in the background . In an interview in the Cope, stressed that they have not been “the more favored, much less”, despite the fact that it is something that she “yes I would have expected taking into account” which have been “hardest hit” by the Covid-19. At the end of may, the economic impact in this region it was 1.260 million , according to official data.