Podcast on the Swiss football “Hoarau to GC is not plucked out of the air,”What’s happening with YB-striker Guillaume Hoarau? To atone for the League Christian Constantin? And what is the error committed by FCB President Burgener?Florian Raz1 Comment1

Changes Guillaume Hoarau after this season of the Young Boys to the Grasshoppers? In the middle of 43. Edition of our podcast is Kay Voser a nice little transfer rumor fall. And Fabian Ruch assists: “Hoarau to the Grasshoppers is not resorted to time out of the air.”

the Hero of the YB-Fans still have no apartments in Niederhasli visited. “There is much that is still possible,” says Ruch, “that Hoarau remains a season in Bern. But what is clear is that his advisers around at the moment.”

The other themes of our mission: To Sittens be President, Christian Constantin, the League fined, because he brings the lawyers in position? Heliane and Ancillo Canepa are not in agreement when it comes to FCZ coach Ludovic Magnin? And what was the biggest mistake FCB-owner Bernhard Burgener has committed?

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