The body of a missing Dutch entrepreneur has to Be peter Cohen, Friday was found in a septic tank next to the house of the ex ceo of Philips in the country. This confirms that the Kenya police to the Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf. The police discovered the body after the examination.

Sarah Wairimu Kamotho was a long time ago, it is picked up.

The ex-ceo of Philips-was, for more than six weeks without a trace. He disappeared on the 20th of July, after a period of time of the marriage and quarrels with his wife, from whom Cohen wanted a divorce. The police department was looking for earlier, to have a body in the Cohens the villa, and the remains of a hotel are under construction. A delegation from the Dutch police since Wednesday night, also in the country. The wife of a Cohen, Sarah Wairimu Kamotho, has been convicted of involvement in his disappearance, the police stopped and is stuck.

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The point of the Cohen Gabrie, has been informed by the police, and was present at the residence of her brother in the African country.

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find out More about the Philips is a Philips-head earns 68 times more than an employee, and will be able to defend it: “A baseball player gets a lot more” Let wife is Sarah, the missing Philips-billionaire has to Be Cohen to cast it in stone? The wife of the disappeared, Philips-head, however, still be arrested on suspicion of murder and Philips is suing Fitbit, and Garmin at