the Club, in Bruges, the stadsderby of the neighbours, the Club won 0-2. Green-and-black-and paved the way for the big brother to one-half a long time is difficult, but the goal of the Diatta, and Dennis made sure that the Club and the league will start with 14 and 18. Images from a 23 on the world of

the city of Bruges, spider-man? Well, on paper, but, of course, but that of the Team, was not to be the case. At the Club, there was another Charles De Ketelaere, a boy whose parental home at the practice fields of the Jan breydel stadium provides, it was allowed to warm up, but eventually the bank will not be persuaded.

The consequences are, of course, on the scale of the game is also in the Belgium, where the latest property for the spectacular, the transactions are made. For some of the clubs in a difficult search for capital, a vision and an identity of its own. At the Club, they know all about it.” Since the date of acquisition, through AS Monaco and they are not in the market for the rank and file have to deal with the new owners and their policies. However, for the Club-the fans, the derby is still the game of the year, and especially those in which they themselves serve as intermediate hosts. Before the match, they showed the green-and-black spionkop, a stylish fabric, in gothic letters down the hill, but the vocals were the blue-and-black fans are clearly in the majority.

the Club began, however, to the best of the derby with a direct threat by Modern and Donsah with the Migniolet the same temperature, and have the ball with a half of a hand the others.

the Club coach Fabien Mercadal had the Switch, which is turned on and the competition was to have begun, on the couch, and went back to a concept of his predecessors, Vercauteren, and Guyot and to the success(s) and won. The five men in the back, so with the Dabila, the recovered Taravel, and the very young, an Englishman, Panzo, a gun-for-hire from Monaco, in a central, next to each other. It was, however, quite virile on. Solid-to-play players and most especially for the Club, were they were raised. Also, in addition to the field, for just a momet that the stadionomroeper asked to think about the safety of the children, and not a pyrotechnic material to put, they came to the Club-spionkop is actually going to be dancing around in a sea of flames. For a few minutes, and even more incomprehensible is that not a single flight attendant, but also to take action themselves).

Meanwhile, the Club, and after a interlandbreak they are often very hard, on the field, the battle is over. As against Three the previous month, it was difficult to make holes in the blocks for the ‘home team’. After 32 minutes of the Club in mind for it. They gave back no pressure when Vanaken, and Creator of the wing was disbanded. Diatta ran high, and gave Badiashile and co. don’t have a chance.

the Club has so much potential, and Simon Mignolet alone is a guarantee for a Belgian level, faultless defense (dod). Anderlecht took Hendrik Van Crombrugge for the sake of the work of the meevoetballende beat the keeper, but Mignolet has to be in the UK-league and yet it has no equal. He took all of sixteen, and it was technically better than some of the offensive guys in the Club. Idriss Saadi weerde a lot of the good will of a devil, but he had always scored when he was after just one good long-ball, one-on-one, and came up with Mignolet. The former Red was quite wide, and blokte the Club-rush and attack. Mignolet had a nice look to the tank in an attempt of Biancone, but there also seemed he was going to get worse. It’s a young Club it’s certainly not bad, and for the zeal, perhaps the most common. Football’s all about efficiency, and that’s where the green-and-black legion mercenary work.

In the second half, and had Clement lower-than-expected Okereke, what’s the matter with him, and the hand on the side of Openda. The Club pressed on the accelerator and what a sharper, but heksentoeren was Badiashile not out of it. In the header of the Openda was only just over, and with a low slider was the better of the Club not to bother. They were, therefore, not just any extracted from the green camp. At the Club, was Balanta have been a good first half, not to repeat it, and gave to the Club, even as a vrijschop as a gift.

“Thibaut, Courtois, Thibault Courtois”, they sang a little daunting, to Mignolet, to tease, but the Club’s goalkeeper reacted captured by the vrijschop while.

the clock struck the Club for a second time. In the header of the opgerukte He was repelled, but the thing with Dennis, when did You have this weekend and definitely worth a look! From an almost impossible angle, duplicated, he is one brilliant go to the head start. The Club was in two minds: not too many powers, to consume, with the purpose of the first tug-of-war on Wednesday in the Champions League final against Galatassaray, and Neither is at all close to push. Diatta, and Vanaken gave it to finish him off, but the VSA put a stop to it. Why, the assistant of the well, leading to Laforge, this in itself is not seen. No, not really, it was in each case 0 to 2, the Club that gave me another moment of hope, but more than sufficient uitbraakpogingen, without warning, it came no more. Clement was Ignace Van Der Brempt for the time being. A new talent in the master’s degree and a strong boy for his age of 17 years. Of the approximately 4,000 blue-and-black fans, I have just become acquainted with Mbaye Diagne, when the party has already been fully played. Mignolet did also have a couple of successful tips and tricks, and Jonathan Panzo, please take note of the name, and he may be able to do something for this Club, to bounce back even just a little dry on the pole. With the exception of the awkward seas of flame will be in this spider-man is already in the history, not to go in.