Miley Cyrus is not in any kind of provocation out of the way. At the beginning of the week, she got yet to be ex-husband, Liam Hemsworth. Today’s post is a very dodgy photo of it on Instagram. “This is about to be deleted, and I am advised by the Instagramgoden.”

for example, If there is one celebrity who is behind the #freethenipple movement would put it, is that of singer Miley Cyrus. In the past, you know, they all have different writing, pictures, and presents them to fans in a special images. “I want to become every day more and more of the basic , ” she writes in one photo, she is a very sheer, tank top wearing. But in doing so, put the warning that the photo is probably not a long time online, get vrouwentepels are not allowed on Instagram, and are usually quickly deleted. However, the singer could be in a lot of positive responses to count. “Less is more” and “you’re a godess”, and wrote some of the photos.

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