Morally unfit?: In China, students need to Review the political subject


It was only a short note in a local newspaper. But they struck in China high waves. “Students who do not pass the policy Verification may not participate in the University entrance exam”, was the headline in the party newspaper “Chongqing Daily”, the eponymous city of millions. An authorisation will be refused if a candidate had a “bad morality”, against the “Four principles” handle contrary (the claim to leadership of the party on the basis of Marxism-Leninism and the thoughts of Mao Zedong), or against the law. I notified the local education authority. For excitement, especially of the term “political Check” that was some of the fifties think, than to study the law of class background and political attitude of the parents and Relatives depended, caused a stir.

Friederike Böge

Political correspondent for East Asia.

F. A. Z.

The excitement, which resulted in tens of thousands of social network Weibo, is a measure of the General uncertainty currently in China. Many observe with unease that under President Xi Jinping, a Re-ideologization of all sectors of society. Practices such as denunciation and forced self-criticism reminiscent of the dark days of the cultural revolution. Many are asking themselves the direction in which the country controls. Also from the Inside of the party the signs of ideological grave penetrate fights.

decision stimulates public debate

Who should decide whether someone has a bad Moral or not?, asked many of the Internet brought users. Others saw a return of the cultural revolution up. Such comments were deleted within a short period of time from the censors. So fierce public reaction was that the Chongqing education authority of a saw to clear the position urged. First of all, she gave to the journalist of the party paper, the debt, the have understood the matter incorrectly. Such an ideological test had also been in the past two years, authorities said Director Luo Shengqi. He does not believe, however, that ever a candidate on the basis of which had been excluded from the University exam.

That was not enough, apparently, to take the Director from the final line. A few hours later, his authority took over the full responsibility for the incident. It was a mistake to use the term “political Review,” it said in a message shortly before midnight.