imagine this: Sicily, 1922. A young, pretty peasant girl – excuse me, now I have flipped a reminder to a lot of. Imagine instead: Hamburg 1993. A young, in Bonn-born and not too long ago, in Neumünster, the school lost a Student semester is encountered during the first Slavonic studies in the bookshelf of the roommates on the long-fields dam on the completely tattered little black ribbon for a totally unknown author. “Without having taken a shower, by his name, and booed” and is by Max Goldt.

Florian Balke

culture editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung.

F. A. Z.

It is the first encounter with the author that a little bit later than many other Fans, finally, Goldt at this time engaged in his columns for the satirical magazine “Titanic” in the far Frankfurt to write, but it is just the time before the entry of Goldts a wider fame. Classics such as “quinces for the people between Emden and Zittau” and “The balls in our heads”, in which he gathered his columns start to appear finally, and to make his Writing to a much wider audience.

Since then, there has been many encounters of the Hamburg-based reader with Goldts Write. With his sets: “I could not, even as a young girl in the GDR.” Including the double “”. With his captions: “16 Albanians”. With his titles: “I was impressed by a rare concentration camp.” Again and again this happened with a slight delay.

Loyalty to the audience

It was finally the Cyrillic to the learning of the Alphabet. The T-Shirts of the “fuselage gap”, which sells Goldt together with Stephan Katz, in addition to the Comics, the two publishing together under the name Katz & Goldt, have played at this Christmas shopping a greater role. “I’m often mood worse than I seem” and “always, always interesting answer: no,” will have in the new year their performances.

Goldt himself but to his audience of the Faithful and reads. He looks in December in the Region’s past has become a beautiful Tradition. This year, he is on two evenings. Sure, he also reads on Monday and Tuesday, well-Known and the a or other thing, he has not long finished. Frankfurt 2018.