Malaysia has Goldman Sachs in the years-long dispute over an alleged corruption and money laundering scandal at state Fund 1MDB sued. The government calls for billion in penalties from American Bank and wants to bring two former employees for up to ten years in prison, as Malaysia’s attorney General Tommy Thomas announced on Monday.

a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs, and the defendant’s former employees are accused of misleading information in connection with the embezzlement of $ 2.7 billion (2.4 billion euros) for the issue of three bonds of the 1MDB funds. Goldman strokes, excessive fees and, ultimately, $ 600 million have taken.

Goldman defends itself

Goldman Sachs rejected the accusations in a statement and announced that it plans to defend itself vigorously. The Wall Street company stressed to continue to cooperate in all investigations. The shares of the Bank traded premarket, with nearly two per cent in the Minus.

The 1MDB Fund, the funds have disappeared, and Malaysian members of the government, returned to be, was in 2009, been to the economic development of the country. Due to fraud and money laundering suspected to run around the world that are longer in the investigation, under the direction of the U.S. Department of justice.