Many Avalanches: a Meter of fresh snow


    happiness in the winter of misfortune had about 110 guests in the resort was taken soon swung in the Allgäu: about five o’clock on the Monday morning of your Hotel by a 300-metre-wide avalanche. Some of the Windows were pushed in, but no one was hurt, police said. The guests were placed in other accommodations. The access road to the site was blocked because of the high avalanche danger for Sunday. As before, the room is in the German Alps, according to the Bavarian avalanche, the second-highest Lawinenwarnstufe4 warning.

    Stephan Löwenstein

    Political correspondent for Austria and Hungary, with headquarters in Vienna, Austria.

    F. A. Z.

    Karin Truscheit

    editor in the Department “Germany and the world”.

    F. A. Z.

    Great concern to the people in the five Bavarian districts, where since the days of the event of a disaster, especially the snow load on the roofs and continue to. In such a Situation, you must stand together, said Federal interior Minister Horst Seehofer (CSU), as he was on Monday in the Berchtesgadener country-by-country Overview. He announced plans to send 230 forces of the Federal police for assistance in the affected regions, and thanked the responders for their tireless work. As before, the greatest danger is go “of the Heavy snow and the associated roof loads,” according to the Landratsamt Miesbach, the circles had found exactly a week ago, as the first of five country in the event of a disaster. For days, thousands are, therefore, in the whole of Bavaria auxiliary forces of the fire brigade, technisches Hilfswerk, police and armed forces especially busy, to free the roads and roofs of snow. The highly demanding use of tugs at the forces. Alone in the district of Miesbach 1700 forces were on Sunday. All the roofs of buildings that serve the purpose of “receipt of public infrastructure” such as hospitals, have priority. Such Gradation is necessary in order to keep in this exceptional situation, it shall notify the district office. “All of the operations in which the danger to humans and animals, have absolute priority.” In the case of private houses, the owners are usually first for the security and the clearing of the snow load is responsible. If there are signs of cracks in beams or Ceilings, as well as in the case of unusual noises, the houses should be vacated immediately. The authorities also fear that due to rising temperatures and onset of rain, the snow even heavier.

    Also on Monday of Bavaria remained in many areas, the schools closed, because the school is considered unsafe. On Tuesday it will be decided in the district of Miesbach, about whether or not on Wednesday, the school can begin. With a decay of the precipitation is expected from Tuesday.

    In Faistenau, Austria, fell on Monday, four workers, which should liberate a roof, with the sliding snow. A man was killed, two were injured. In a Bus that slid off the roadway and a more than ten meters deep slope down, crashed, injured 13 people, according to the Red cross, the accident could have been “far worse”. More than 20,000 inhabitants and tourists were temporarily snowed in or cut off because the access roads were blocked to their towns because of avalanche danger. Also important transit streets, such as the fern pass in Tirol have been suspended, temporarily, the Inntal motorway.