Carla Bruni: her most beautiful photos on the web


Since the end of her husband Nicolas Sarkozy’s mandate in 2012, the former First Lady Carla Bruni no longer hesitates to publish many private photos on her Instagram account.

With some 732,000 subscribers, the former model likes to share a few moments of her life, whether during her vacations abroad or memories of her former fashion shows. More recently, the singer posted a snapshot of her in a black bikini to the delight of Internet users. “Always so canon”, “You are magnificent” or even “Superb”, can we read in the comments of the publication.

On August 25, 2022, Carla Bruni dropped the top on the canvas by revealing an ultra-canon shot of her, taken by her famous husband, as she said in the caption of her publication. A moment of intimacy that she did not hesitate to share on her social networks.

But if the star does not hesitate to reveal herself in undress, she also publishes some photos of her daughter Giului, although always from behind so as not to reveal her face.

On her Instagram account, Carla Bruni unveiled a photo of her taken during a fashion show in which she had worn a faux fur thong. During her appearance on a television show, the model had revealed a funny anecdote. “It was very fun to do because people thought it wasn’t fur (…) It was a terrible thing because it was huge and so I saw people’s faces very jaded (…) and this moment of faux fur, I saw faces decomposing”.

In an episode of the “Contre-Addictions” podcast, singer Carla Bruni spoke about her old addictions. We learned in particular that she had started smoking very young. “I came very quickly to tobacco around 14-15 years old, which is in my whole family, so it was easy, they couldn’t tell me anything (…) and then alcohol”, she had declared and to continue: “I mentioned drugs very little because I don’t really like to put myself upside down. I like a sweet drunkenness. The problem is that as I am an addict, I don’t I don’t stop at sweet drunkenness, so I have to stop drinking.”

The star was not only addicted to alcohol, but also to a famous soft drink. “I had to drink, I don’t know, 30 or 40 Coca Cola a day (…) I started with sugar, very very assiduously, a big fan of sugar, big shots of sugar”, she explained and to add: “I did not eat a normal meal, I only ate Pulmoll pastilles, Five boxes. Or three boxes of Valda and four Cokes, it was my meal”.

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