“Manipulated media” – Twitter provides of Trump shared Video again with WarnhinweisDer dispute between the short message service, and the US President continues: Donald Trump has shared a violently controversial Video on alleged Fake News from CNN’s attention. 0 comment Eder short message service Twitter is since years the most important communication platform for Donald Trump, but by the end of may, a controversy was sparked.Keystone/Doug Mills

Twitter has once again provided a Tweet from US President Donald Trump with a warning. Under the on Thursday evening (local time) from Trump shared a Video of a blue exclamation point and the words were “Manipulated media”. In the case of the one-minute Video I was it to a section of a representation of two small children. A black child seems to be first, in front of a white child running away. The Logo of Trump couldn’t stand the TV channel CNN, as well as, among other things, the lettering on the “Racist Baby is likely to Trump voters was displayed”.

Then the words appear: “What actually happened”, and the Video shows that both of the children hugged each other previously and subsequently to each other run. “America is not the Problem. Fake News it is,” said the statement. The “Washington Post” according to the Clip to a umgewidmetes and manipulated Video that had spread to 2019 viral. Trump complains about unfair treatment by the media, especially CNN, is to him a thorn in the eye.

Twitter has provided the contribution of the US President with a blue warning. Image: Screenshot Of Twitter.

Twitter for years, the most important communication platform for Trump. But by the end of may, a controversy was sparked: The service underwent a Tweet from Trump a fact check, and drew the wrath of the U.S. President. He had claimed that postal voting increases risk of electoral fraud. In fact check the wrong was arranged. Trump responded with a disposition to restrict the scope of Online platforms, against individual content and user action.

a Few days later, Twitter hid a Trump-Tweet behind a warning, because this contravened the prohibition of glorification of violence on the platform. The US President wrote after the riots, you’ll restore the control again, and added: “If the looting begin, will be shot” – “when the looting starts, the shooting starts”. With these words in 1967, the then chief of police of Miami had announced a tough campaign against the black population. Recently, Facebook announced a Video of trump’s campaign team under reference to a copyright violation.


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