There is nothing wrong with having a marketing department in your company. It is a group of individuals who have an educational background and experience related to marketing. They know what they are doing, and they can analyse strategies that could work for your next ad campaign.

The only problem is that if you limit the people who can contribute to marketing ideas, you are also limiting the potential success of the campaign. If possible, you need to include everyone in your team in brainstorming for the next big marketing campaign. It does not mean that your marketing department will not exist. They will still be the ones to process the information collected during the brainstorming session. The goal is to ensure that you put everything on the table and not miss out on anything.

Your employees understand your vision 

The best way to advertise your business is by creating a brand and sticking to it. Employees who have been with you for quite some time understand what your vision is, and what you stand for. They might be in accounting or payroll departments, but their marketing ideas could be too valuable to pass up.

Crazy ideas might work 

The problem with some of the most experienced marketing experts is that they might already follow a playbook. They stick to it because they know that it will work. However, in marketing, there are no clear rules to play by. Everything changes all the time. Therefore, even the craziest ideas could work if given a chance. It does not mean that you will use those ideas right away, but it is a big mistake to shut them down.

You want to show that you value everyone 

How often do you express your gratitude to the people working with you? Saying thank you is one way to do it. Another way is to give them a voice. When employees feel that they matter, they will work hard and do their best. If you tell them that they can have a say in a marketing campaign, they will work hard to contribute.

You take the burden off the marketing team 

Thinking of great campaign ideas is only a part of the tasks that a marketing team needs to accomplish. Therefore, allowing other employees to help in this aspect does not mean your marketing team is useless. Instead, you are giving them space to breathe. You take the pressure off them since you do not coerce them to think hard and meet deadlines. Even when they end up with a marketing plan, it might still be a disaster if it was a result of a stressful process.

Do not be afraid to ask everyone at work to contribute if they feel like they have something useful for you. Again, you will still process these ideas and refine them. If you intend to use rollup banners and someone expressed interest in presenting a design, you need to consider it. You can get a few elements from the design that you can use for the final version.