As of 2000 passengers, which is a mystical journey for the company ” wanted to make it on a luxury cruise ship, they are in rebellion against the crew. They pay 5500 euro, to Norway, to set sail, with stops in, among others, France, the Netherlands and the united kingdom. Due to too much wind and bad weather, was there anything in the house. The anger and rage, it broke all the way when the company refused, the money to pay it back. In lieu of a refund, the customers a discount coupon for your next trip.

The passengers were on a journey of a lifetime to the Norwegian fjords, the promised, and it would have been a lot of money for them. For the price of a ticket, they got a cruise ship, with seventeen restaurants, twelve bars, a casino, a spa, a fitness centre and a water park. In addition, the ship will dock in the French Le Havre, Amsterdam, the netherlands, towns and cities in Norway, and the united kingdom.

In France, it went all wrong, and when the barge could dock at Le Havre, bad weather and too much wind. In tormented in the bad weather, the ship and its passengers. After three long days on a luxurious ship, and a number of it ended up in Norway. In a deserted village, where, in september, no tourists will come, and there is no grass close-up view.

The misnoegde the passengers were able to go on shore, but that was about it as well. The town was a ghost town, has become, there was not a crumb of food, and their cares be drowned, the passengers will also mention all of the cafes were closed. On board, the snacks are also of this: the long journey to the sea, were for the tourists only “clean” food (for me).

the Belfast

at the end of the day, showed that the sewer system on-board failed and the passengers are told that they will not have the cost of the trip would be to see. From the shipping company Norwegian Cruise Line, they were given only one voucher for a 25% discount on their next trip. The american, British and Chinese passengers demand their money back at the videos on social media sites. They were in a revolt in the ship. “Rebellion”, thus, in holland and the British press.

Eventually, the ship sailed to Belfast, where many passengers are unhappy with the shore would have to find their own way back to London to do a search. Norwegian Cruise Line continues that some of the destinations had to be cancelled due to bad weather, but it did not give any additional information about the situation on board the ship.

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Passengers will be cheering loudly (and sarcastically) for the penalties which a cruise ship is a 20-minute cease and desist
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