Belgian people will continue to illegally download and stream
Belgian people will continue to illegally download and stream

Nearly one-third of the Belgian people (31 per cent) downloaded or streamde in the past few years, a conscious, illegal, films, series, music, and video games. This is evident from an examination of the EUIPO, the European agency for intellectual property, which is a little more than 1,000 of the Belgian youth between the ages of 15 and 24 years of age were questioned. The european average is only 21 percent of the time.

The EUIPO asked a total 23.507 of European young people between the ages of 15 and 24, their download, and streamgedrag. A little more than one-half of them in the last year, be aware, not illegally downloaded, streamed, or played back to have. That’s a lot better than in the previous survey in 2016: then, and only 40 per cent of young people are standing on the sidelines in case of illegal content.

According to the EUIPO the decrease is mainly due to the growing popularity and affordability of the various subscription services such as Netflix or Spotify. About one-quarter of the surveyed adolescents indicate that they are willing to pay for it, it is about 9% more than in 2016, and that was the case. In addition, young people are becoming more aware of the dangers surrounding illicit content, such as viruses, or poor protection of credit card information, what it sounds like.

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in our country, there are fewer and fewer young people are illegally downloading, and streaming, but the decline is much less conspicuous than in most other countries. 31% of the 1.039 of respondents reported in the past year, aware of the illegal access is to be provided to feature films, series, music, or video games, it’s only a two-percentage point less than in 2016. The eu average is only 21 percent of the time. Belgium is in seventh place in the 28 member states, after Lithuania, Czech republic, Estonia, germany, Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, Czech republic, Latvia and slovakia. Nearly 40 per cent of Belgian youth were free of illegal content is to be used, compared with slightly more than half of the European level.

The price of the legal content of 64 per cent of the Belgian people, the most important reason for resorting to the illegal circuit, but also the speed and the accessibility of particular content, you have a role to play.