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“With one foot in the stirrup”. Could be the title of a wéstern, but they are the first words of the rejoneadora French Léa Vicens (1985). On the other side of the phone, the peace of the andalucian countryside and the sound of the horses explode in the spring more atypical. “In this time period should be toreando, but it seems that the winter had been prolonged”.

—How are the workouts without date on the calendar to the back?

—The goals are different, but no-one I removed the twelve hours on the farm. I train now more with the foals and new horses, such as “Olympic”, “Surprise” or “Fermín”.

—what Mount someone more their equine?

—Nobody. I believe that a horse needs a rapport with your rider, in the sole; if not, one can disturbed the “tool”…

—How does life confined in the rural environment?

—I consider myself a privileged. I’m lucky enough not to live in this confinement so brutal for the majority of urban citizens. Here I am on my own pace, with absolute dedication to my horses.

—It speaks of the brokenness in the economic sector of the bull, but barely mentions the world of bullfighting…

—do Not talk about, but we also filled squares, also exist. And in bullfighting there are expenses that you can’t downgrade: the animals need daily care, food, hygiene…to Breed a horse cost fifteen euros a day –must be multiplied for a block of twenty–, and that’s not counting the staff. In season, I have fifteen people working; now, only five. Anyway, I do not like to cry and look for solutions. In parallel to my profession, I have created a tourism project in my farm Fennel.

—What education has left you in this situation by the pandemic?

—I Appreciate more what we have achieved, all based work. I can’t complain, but I was saddened to see the suffering of others, the people who have lost their loved ones, that people who have no food to eat. That is very harsh and causes that we value more what we have.

—Don Angel Peralta was the first who believed in you.

—I’ve made from scratch, in house of Peralta, where I arrived in 2006. Don Angel bet for me, as if it were a challenge, and I have not betrayed. I’ve done it myself. I bought my horses with the money he earned by taming others, and with that I started to win in the places girls. I was gaining gallons and I have announced in the most important sites to be a leader in the ladder. I continue with the illusion of the first day, trying to improve.

—A year ago, became the first rider French that opened up the Big Door at San Isidro. How do you remember?

—it Was a day handsome and spectacular; I enjoyed it from beginning to end. An unforgettable evening that is joined to another dream: the Door of the Consuls of Nismes.

“The Ministry of Culture should give us the place that corresponds to us, without discrimination or complex, without much fear of naming the bullfighters”

—it is Usually said that France take the lead to Spain at the level of bullfighting. Do you see it as well?

—No, I think that is a utopia Spanish. What happens is that there the territory taurine is reduced in the south, are very united, and the Government doesn’t get.

—This drive is already a step forward.

—With this crisis, the world of the bull is also joining in Spain. Within this evil we have created a well: the union, something that is necessary. And the Foundation of the Bull is also helping. In my case, I’m in a group and work with other bullfighters. Yes, I believe that the sector should be restructured, because its economy is not sustainable as well.

—What do you think of the attitude of the Government on the taurine?

—We have earned a first step with the fact that the minister Rodríguez Uribes has included the world of the bull within the culture, and we are waiting for concrete measures. The Ministry of Culture should give us the place that corresponds to us, without discrimination or complex, without much fear of naming the toreros. We demand equality and our rights, as the rest of cultural industries. That we consider normal people and not as second-class citizens.

—In a society that is increasingly denatured, and with a strong movement to animal rights, have you ever questioned your own profession?

—In some meetings, I have had the feeling to be a bullfighter is like being an alien. In addition, I am living daily with death threats from antitaurinos, with insults in networks, with hacking accounts… For me, that is a form of terrorism.

—do you Feel fear?

—In France they put me in a police escort, who followed me everywhere. My family and I received terrible threats of death, and I reported to a antitaurino, which he accused of torturing and killing. That can’t be consent.

—How do you tune?

—Don Angel Peralta taught me the philosophy of the temple. And that temple of yours to guide me in life, a life on horseback.