Ishmael, Bako has it Thursday is a tough night to be polite, the French team Villeurbanne in the EuroLeague basketball, for the mannenteams. The public prosecutor ” s office, Bayern Munich lost in Villeurbanne are the third European team contest with a 104-63.

as For the French, it was also the first defeat in the EuroLeague, after the great victories against the Greek teams Olympiakos and Panathinaïkos. From the very beginning informed, Play with the bed sheets of: 30-13 was the stand-in just ten minutes. For the rest (57-35), the gap is up to 22 points. That is, in the second half, only deepened it, thanks to the Bavarian state topschutter Maodo Lo (19 pts). Bako, who, last summer, royal Antwerp, swapped it for Villeurbanne, played it for five minutes. They made the 24-year-old center to a 4 points, 1 rebound and 1 block in the drawing.

this Friday we will take Villeurbanne, in Lithuania against Zalgiris Kaunas, Real Madrid, over the knee, put (86-73). The French are to occupy for the time being the seventh largest in the state. The top-eight punch in by going to the play-offs.